Pause, it’s Sunday.

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday? No matter how busy your week was, you can always count on Sunday to come about with its slower version of Saturday. Sundays are special because it allows for a  pause and slow down before the busyness of Monday comes about. On Sundays in our house, we focus on … More Pause, it’s Sunday.


A deep breath in as the heart of winter is upon us. For many of us winter can bring about the harshest of weather conditions, forcing many of us to take comforting refuge indoors. While my spouse and I are avid hikers regardless of the time of year, we do acknowledge that winter is a … More Preservation

A healing hike

Hiking is a great way to clear the mind and renew the soul. There are a couple different ways to classify a pacific northwest (PNW) hiking experience. First, we have our “adventures hikes” (these are the ones we haven’t been to before, therefore adventurously exploring the magic of the unknown) and then we have our … More A healing hike