Grateful, thankful and blessed

As the heels of shoes crunch the remaining leaves on the ice-cold sidewalk, many of us will find ourselves yet again trying to balance it all. We picture ourselves sometime around 6:00 PM, with a steaming hot casserole style dish in one hand, and the other closing the oven door, and your foot, that’s right your foot trying to kick open the refrigerator door to grab the butter. That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving. A holiday to kick-off to the holiday season, Thanksgiving fills our hearts and tummies with the best of the best. It is one of those fast-paced holidays where everything requires so much energy and time but in the end it’s worth every minuet of the preparation.

Below, I’ve curated some mindful ideas to incorporate laughter, thankfulness, and gratitude on this special day, sprinkled throughout you’ll also find pictures from this years thanksgiving feast, all homemade by yours truly! Unfortunately, you will not find a picture of a turkey because I was so engaged with the family time that I had forgotten to take a photo of it, one for the photo album in my mind instead!

Laughter, and more laughter

Sometimes the holidays are the only times a year we can reconnect with loved ones and friends that live far away or are leading busy careers and lives. As the years go by, the more we need to remind ourselves that life is short, goes by fast. Which is why the time spent together is that much more important. This year try incorporating an easy-going game, trivia, or an activity that everyone can be involved in. As silly as a game or turkey-day trivia can be, it can be a great way to engage with family and friends and generate laughter. Laughter should be a huge part of your thanksgiving meal, be intentional like the mashed potatoes and serve it up!

A thankful heart

Just as it’s time to sit down to the holiday dinner, scan the table for all that is on there. How did each individual item get to the table? Were the recipes passed down from generation to generation? Or perhaps it’s new recipe that was featured on the front cover of the magazine you casually picked up at the grocery store. Everything on the table, even if it was store bought has a story on how it arrived on the table. Do these aromatic, feel-good dishes remind us of simpler times, or perhaps honor someone who is no longer with us? There is so much meaning behind the dishes we bring to the table but furthermore the people we bring to the table. I encourage you to take a moment to pause and think about the journey of the items that made it to your table and the people. What story do they tell?

Moving forward with grace and gratitude

For me, the holidays have always been about spending quality time with family. Whether its honoring memories or creating new ones, it is a time to come together. This holiday, and the upcoming season make sure to honor those who are no longer with us. This can be something special as to use a recipe they used to make or love, putting pictures up, decorating the mantle with their favorites. Whatever you decide to do to honor them, by keeping them a part of your holiday traditions you keep the memories alive. 2022 brings a carefully curated, well adorned table with thoughtful touches, honoring both the old and the new. This year I honored my mother by using all her entertaining dishes and made her favorite dish green bean casserole. I also mindfully incorporated two new dishes, to welcome all that is new and to come.  The next generation of our family joins the table this year with the promise of more on the way. Undoubtedly, a beautiful meal, the product of my family’s combined efforts. As I said before, life is short and goes by much too fast. Make the most of the holiday this year, spend it living in the moment and soaking it up for all that it is worth as the game clock carries on.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see photos of your holiday celebrations soon!

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