Hello there!

I am Mel, and this blog is about all the little things that inspire us to be who we are. As a lifelong resident of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, I hope to curate a blog filled with cooking recipes, food for thought, family, dogs, nature, hiking and crafting. Life is sweet, but it can be that much sweeter if we do life with the ones we love. I hope my blog inspires you to enjoy life’s little moments, to take a pause from that busy to life to cultivate happiness! Whether that’s baking cookies with family, or taking the dog for a peaceful hike, my blog is bound to have a little something for everyone.

“There is no path to happiness; Happiness is the path.”


  • Pause, it’s Sunday.

    Who doesn’t love a good Sunday? No matter how busy your week was, you can always count on Sunday to come about with its slower version of Saturday. Sundays are special because it allows for a  pause and slow down before the busyness of Monday comes about. On Sundays in our house, we focus on … More Pause, it’s Sunday.

  • Preservation

    A deep breath in as the heart of winter is upon us. For many of us winter can bring about the harshest of weather conditions, forcing many of us to take comforting refuge indoors. While my spouse and I are avid hikers regardless of the time of year, we do acknowledge that winter is a … More Preservation

  • Light through darkness

    December is one of the months where the days are short, dark, and cold. It can be easy sometimes to let the dark and cold weather influence or have an impact on how we feel. It’s so important during these winter months to metaphorically keep your pilot lit. I am talking about that tiny light … More Light through darkness

  • Grateful, thankful and blessed

    As the heels of shoes crunch the remaining leaves on the ice-cold sidewalk, many of us will find ourselves yet again trying to balance it all. We picture ourselves sometime around 6:00 PM, with a steaming hot casserole style dish in one hand, and the other closing the oven door, and your foot, that’s right … More Grateful, thankful and blessed

  • Turning Chaos into Comfort

    With intensity and intention, the windy days thoughtfully bring us to November. In ordinance with the tumultuous weather, the once show-stopping leaves are rocked from the comforting limbs of trees only to land wherever the wind releases them. November presents as a chaotic month, curating a sense urgency and punctuality. The days are getting darker … More Turning Chaos into Comfort

  • Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

    This is about that time of year where all the pumpkins we have gathered in late September, and all throughout October are getting ready for their big day! Either carved up with a spooky grin, or remaining whole as the star of a decorative scene, these pumpkins are there for us to help bring on … More Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

  • A healing hike

    Hiking is a great way to clear the mind and renew the soul. There are a couple different ways to classify a pacific northwest (PNW) hiking experience. First, we have our “adventures hikes” (these are the ones we haven’t been to before, therefore adventurously exploring the magic of the unknown) and then we have our … More A healing hike